Prof. K.P. (Suba) Subbalakshmi

Text Forensics and Analytics

Text media is everywhere, from e-mails, blogs, chat room interactions to social media. As more of our lives become entwined over the Internet, we consume more information on Internet. But how accurate is this information? How safe is it to trust strangers? Unfortunately, there are too many cases of fraud and crime committed online via the Internet and Social Media. In this part of our research work, we grapple with some fundamental problems in this area. Is it possible to detect if someone is deceiving you on the Internet? Is there person chatting with your child on social media sites a sexual predator? Who exactly are you conversing with? How honest are they? These are some of the questions we answer here. 

Our research is supported by the US Intelligence Systems Support  Office and other DoD agencies. Our deception detection tool is the basis of our technology start-up company Jaasuz, where you can try our algorithms. I received a New Jersey Innovators Hall of Fame, Innovator Award for my work on this technology. 

Publications and Patents

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